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Preschool Lessons

Swimming for healthy, smart, capable kids

Maintaining consistency and frequency in swimming is more than just water safety. Ongoing swim lessons in the early years can help your toddler grow into a healthy, smart, capable learner of the future.
Backed up by research from Griffith University, evidence shows that toddlers who maintain regular swimming lessons enjoy additional positive impacts on their physical, psychological, and cognitive development. All of which are actively monitored in the early learning years of a child.

The research shows that toddlers participating in regular swimming lessons are, on average, seven months ahead in motor skill development, and 10 months ahead in cognitive development. Meaning swimming babies learn to draw, hold objects, build with blocks, and write, read and solve problems faster. As well as an improved propensity for language and social and emotional aptitude are some of the sideline benefits of learning to swim early.

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Swimmers should be improving water confidence without parental assistance.

Children will feel comfortable submerging themselves and performing assisted retrieval tasks. Learners will build confidence in floating and begin to coordinate kicking exercises.

Goals for Bubbles kids

  • Master Basic skills and water confidence
  • Full submersion/retrieve toy from the low platform
  • Front and back float assisted (5 secs)
  • Streamline front kick with Kickboard assisted - face in
  • Back kick arms by side assisted
  • Attempting unassisted "glide" with board


Squirts kids will show confidence as repetitive skills are growing with each lesson.

Swimmers are progressing well with most skills unassisted. Instructors offer ongoing assistance to support learners to build confidence toward independent swimming.

Goals for Squirts kids:

Full submersion/retrieving a toy from the floor assisted

  • Front and back float unassisted (5 sec)
  • Streamline front kick unassisted 
  • Back kick with noodle unassisted
  • Can hold their breath for 10 seconds
  • Attempting all above skills - unassisted to the flags


Nemo Swimming Lessons

Nemo kids are progressing well and unassisted with all skills from previous levels. Children at this level will need to be assessed to enroll.


Instructors offer ongoing support to encourage learners to build confidence toward independent swimming.

Goals for Nemo kids:

  • Front and back float unassisted (5 Sec)
  • Streamline front kick unassisted
  • Back kick arms by side unassisted
  • 3 Freestyle arms plus 1 breath to side