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School Holiday Programmes

Holiday Programmes

School Holiday Programme bookings open halfway through each term, of the term prior to the holiday period. An email and advert goes out to all families at this time to you can get in and book for the upcoming holidays
Sessions are flexible to work in with family holiday plans. Because the Holiday Programme is available in one-week blocks, families can secure the first or second week or both to suit.

January 2024 Programme

15-19 Jan 2024

22-26 Jan 2024

April 2024 Programme

15-19 Apr 2024

22-24 Apr 2024

July  2024 Programme

8-12 Jul 2024

15-19 Jul 2024

Bookings Open Now!
October 2024 Programme

30 Sep - 4 Oct 2024

7-11 Oct 2024

Bookings Pending

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Fun and focus or focus on fun

Our School Holiday Swim Programme is an intensive weeklong block course designed to really boost your child’s development. With small class sizes and “fast tech” based lessons, these classes can be moulded to your child and what they need to work on.
St Peter's Swim School Holiday Programme means learners can cement those skills they have learnt throughout the term and progress faster. This programme is run as an intensive block course and will help your child focus on a specific skill set that needs attention.

Reinforcing a skill on consecutive days helps children learn faster, gain more confidence and improve their fitness whether learners are swimming for fun or swimming focus. 

The School holiday courses are open to all including those who don’t swim during the term time (or at all!) They are a great way of introducing your child to the water while the pool is quieter and the class sizes are smaller.

Our popular holiday programme books out quickly, so we recommend you reserve space early to avoid disappointment.

Fast Tech Semi

(Semi-Private Lessons)
Fast Tech Semi Holiday Programme
These fast-moving lessons allow children to progress at a faster rate with more one on one attention than the group classes.

With a two-on-one swimmer instructor ratio children benefit from focused attention on specific areas of technique and skill. This helps with faster progression across all swimming strokes and aids in boosting swimmer confidence.

Because children are paired with one other child of similar ability, they will be supported to improve as the sessions progress.

Fast Tech Semi-level pre-requirements include:


  • Beginner – no experience needed
  • Full submersion/ retrieve a toy from the floor 
  • Back float unassisted (5 seconds) 
  • Streamline front kick 3m  unassisted 
  • Back kick arms by side 5m  unassisted 
  • Back kick split arms 12.5m unassisted 
  • 3 strokes of straight arm freestyle, standing to breathe, for 12.5m
  • 3 freestyle arm strokes + roll to back and kick for 3m
  • Side breathing with split arms 12.5m
  • 4 x 12.5m of freestyle with alternate breathing 
  • 6 Kick backstroke 12.5m
  • 25m regular freestyle (with good alternate side breathing)
  • 25m backstroke (opposite arms and feet up)
  • 50m Freestyle: correct stroke technique
  • 50m Backstroke; correct stroke technique
  • 25m Breaststroke kick: Correct movement and glide
  • 75m Freestyle: Correct breathing and technique
  • 75m Backstroke: Opposite arms and feet up
  • 25m Breaststroke: correct kick. arms and timing
  • 25m Butterfly Kick plus breath: correct kick and breath

Lesson details

  • Maximum 2 children of similar age and level, 
  • Week 1 and Week 2 Monday through Friday 

Fast Tech Private

Fast Tech Private Holiday Programme
These one on one classes are designed to focus on the specific requirements of each swimmer on a case by case basis.
Because each lesson is tailored to the needs of the swimmer, learners tend to progress faster. Private lessons are perfect to address problematic areas including trauma and rehabilitation.

Lesson Details
  • Maximum 1 child, 
  • Monday – Friday 20-minute custom lessons,