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Swimming for all ages and abilities

Learning to swim is a skill that stays with children for the rest of their lives. But being safe in and around the water is not the only benefit.
At St Peter's Swim School, our qualified, knowledgeable, and experienced instructors are trained to teach children through logical steps and interpersonal connections. We provide a supportive environment that helps all our learners to achieve extraordinary results.  

Regardless of if you are swimming for safety whilst having fun, for exercise and fitness, for trauma and healing, or for performance and competition. Our focus on small class sizes ensures swimmers get the attention they need to improve and excel at swimming regardless of their reason. 

Find out more about our swimming classes below or follow the book now button to set up an account and book your first lesson.

Water Babies

(3 - 36 months)

It is no secret that early and frequent experiences in the water are essential to a child's health and well-rounded development. 
Parent involvement and participation are essential in helping create a special bond between parent and child. Children are grouped by age and ability starting from 3 months of age. Small jumps are used to define the class levels.


(3 - 5 years)

Preschoolers learn differently from older children. Children progress quickly when they are motivated and challenged to learn.  
Class levels are set by ability rather than by age, so your child can move to the next level as soon as they are ready.

Pre-schoolers can either attend morning or early afternoon programmes are grouped into small class ratios of 1:3. Each level focuses on a set of different skills, such as putting your face under, learning to float, learning to stroke, and learning to breathe.

School Age 30

Our school-age levels aim to develop a strong technical base so your child is confident with all strokes. 
Children are challenged and constantly motivated to learn through different activities and experiences. 

At the school-age levels, we continue to emphasise water safety, so your child will have the necessary skills to safely enjoy leisure time in and around the water.

School Age 45

Our development classes help swimmers to consolidate their technical swimming skills and maintain the foundation from which to practice into the future. 
From here swimmers can choose to progress into classes designed to introduce the competitive nature of swimming as a sport, or to use the mindful practice of swimming to maintain muscle tone, health, and fitness. 

Children are encouraged to continue with their practice to help with the long-lasting benefits of regular swimming as they develop into adulthood.  

45-minute lessons help to improve skill and fitness before moving into the advanced 60-minute sessions.

Fast Tech 

(20 minutes)

Fast Tech lessons are focused, semi or private lesson options, that are conducted with either 1:1 or 1:2 student-instructor ratios.
These lessons are an excellent option for those wanting to fast-track their swim practice.  The instructor will guide swimmers through their swimming goals based on their current skill level.

Private Coaching

Specialised private lessons are often used by swimmers to upskill through focused intensive coaching, or to overcome fears, trauma, or special needs whilst in the water. 
Personalised one-on-one coaching supports the swimmers' abilities whilst focusing on swimming goals for the future. If you or your child needs some personalised coaching check out our private lesson schedule here.

Swim Fitness

Our Fitness Squads are a fantastic option for those seeking to increase their swimming fitness and upskill quickly. 
Our fitness squads are designed for swimmers who are focused on the benefits of swimming for fitness. Swimmers are guided through programmes to enhance fitness levels. Fitness Squad swimmers are given an opportunity to practice and perfect their strokes. 

Holiday Programmes

Our week-long intensive holiday programme consists of a lesson a day for five consecutive days. 
This programme is designed to reinforce specific skill sets to help children to learn faster, gain more confidence and improve their fitness levels.

Holiday programmes run as either the Stroke Clinic or Fast Tech formats.

We run holiday swim programmes during all of the main school holiday breaks with a significant focus on the summer period after the Christmas / New Year break.