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Our Team

Swim School people make the difference

Our talented team of instructors take a holistic approach to teaching children how to swim. We help students reach their full potential in the water and ensure learning to swim is a fun, energetic, and fulfilling journey.
Our instructors are an enthusiastic and highly experienced team of professionals who understand the full value of learning to swim.  Not only are they dedicated to teaching our learners how to be safe in and around the water, our instructors understand the benefits of swimming beyond the obvious safety considerations.

Our instructors are constantly innovating and take a comprehensive approach when teaching swimming skills. Our team all undergo termly upskilling and development in different aspects in our aim to offer the best product and experience possible. They know that learning to swim in an encouraging and fun environment increases a personal sense of self-confidence, and self-belief, which fuels self-esteem. This is what drives their passion.

Connect with us

Our fantastic leadership team

Office Manager
Lisa Reid
Interim Swim School Manager 

After building my own Swim School in Maungatautari, and teaching swimming lessons for babies, preschool, and school-age children for 9 years, I jumped at the opportunity to run the office for the fantastic Swim School at St Peter's.

Swim School Instructor
Rachael Sardelich
Head Teacher - Babies and Preschool 

I’m dedicated to helping your child become confident in the water and enjoy their learn to swim experience. I also enjoy volunteering as a Guide Leader in Cambridge.

Private Lessons
Katie Smart
Head Teacher - School Age

I am extremely passionate about equipping your child with the essential life skills of swimming while having fun doing so.

Our awesome instructors

Private Lessons
Georgia Bartholomeusz
Swim School Co-Ordinator

My favourite aspect of being a part of the Swim School at St Peter's is helping our students gaining such an important life skill. 

Evie White - Swimming Instructor
Evie White
Swimming Instructor
It is so rewarding watching the kids progress in their skills as well as their confidence in the water as swimming is such a vital skill to learn. I take pride in knowing that here at St Peter’s Swim School, we provide the kids with a safe and positive environment to do this.


Swim School Instructor
Eve McCormack
Swimming Instructor

As a keen swimmer myself, I love to pass my passion for the water on to my students. Swimming is such an important life skill to share for fun and safety sake.

Nina Fletcher 
Swimming Instructor

I am dedicated to teaching vital life skills to children in my community, while also ensuring they have an enjoyable learning experience.


Swim School Instructor
Nicole Sherwin
Swimming Instructor

I am pleased to be a Swimming Instructor at St Peter’s Swim School. I love watching children progress through my classes and grow to be the best they can be.


James L
James Loughnane
Swimming Instructor

I feel privileged to be in an environment where I can help grow young kid’s passion for swimming and the water. As a former attendee of the swim school, my goal is to leave the children with skills and memories as was the case for me

Swim School Instructor
Caleb Blind
Swimming Instructor

I am inspired by the kids I teach daily and am grateful to have a positive influence on their future water safety by helping them learn to swim the right way.

Ben T
Ben Taylor
Swimming Instructor

I have been passionate about swim coaching since I began over 12 years ago and have since studied different teaching styles to help engage with the unique personalities of the children I teach.



ella 1
Ella Jeffares
Swimming Instructor

I love helping children grow and develop skills in an accepting, positive and kind environment. I loved swimming lessons as a child and want to create the same thing for other children

Chardae Ewing
Swimming Instructor
I am dedicated to providing a positive learning environment for your child to learn to swim safely.


Swim School Instructor
Sarah Tankard
Swimming Instructor

Teaching young children to swim is about making lessons fun, gaining confidence, and being safe in and around water. I love to see the confidence bloom in our kids.

Swim School Instructor
Kieran Lawson
Swimming Instructor

I think that this is a great chance to help teach children not only how to swim but to be more confident in the water.

Jasmine Turner - Daniell
Swimming Instructor

I've been in and around water my whole life and I want to share my love for swimming and safety with the next generation

Jemma Cronje 
Swimming Instructor

It is so rewarding to be working with children and being able to help them find their confidence in their swimming. I love teaching children and swimming and so glad I can combine the two! 

Olivia Ballantyne 
Swimming Instructor

I am excited to be working with children and to be able to pass on my enjoyment of swimming having been a competitive swimmer myself. Confidence in the water is an important skill to have and it is rewarding to see their enjoyment. 


Jeni Tamboer
Swimming Instructor

I am excited to be working with children and to be able to pass on my enjoyment of swimming having been a competitive swimmer myself. Confidence in the water is an important skill to have and it is rewarding to see their enjoyment. 


Michaela Norman
Swimming Instructor

Hi, my name is Michaela. I have been working in swimming for over 16 years now and have been involved in everything from teaching toddlers to coaching national level swim club swimmers. I am passionate about the opportunities and experiences swimming can offer and love the sport so much. My goal is for everyone I teach to learn to love it like I do!



Our incredible club coaches

Zach Taylor
Swimming Club Coach 

Zach has a natural passion for sports and has recently finished studying toward a bachelor's degree at Waikato University in Health, Sport, and Human Performance, as well as coaching at St Peter’s.

Swim School Instructor
Paige Steen
Swimming Club Coach

As an ex-competitive swimmer and ex-St Peter's student, I take immense pride in seeing success in my students' swimming ability. Knowing I am contributing to my community in a positive way is very fulfilling.