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Fast Tech and Fitness

Upskill swimming fast foward

Opportunities are available for swimmers to take their skills, techniques and fitness to the next level through our Swim Fitness, Fast Tech and Private Coaching options.
Our Fast Tech lessons offer our younger swimmers the option to upskill quicker through specific and focused attention on problem areas identified on an individual basis. Semi-private or private Fast Tech lessons offer a 1:2 or 1:1 student-teacher ratio which ensures your coached swim time has twice the attention and half the downtime.

An alternative option to achieve rapid progress is privately coached lessons. These sessions could be an option for those wishing to have specific one-on-one time with an instructor which is especially efficient when preparing for competition.

By comparison, our Fitness Squads are non-competitive sessions designed for school-age swimmers who are focused on increasing their swimming endurance. Fitness swimmers are given a guided opportunity to practice and perfect their strokes.

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Fast Tech Semi

(20 minutes)

Fast Tech Semi
Fast Tech Semi offers a semi-private lesson option offered to learners from Goldfish level and up. These lessons are tailored to the needs of the learner and are conducted with a tiny 2 swimmer per instructor ratio. 

Because swimmers are paired with only one other, lessons are fast-moving and productive. These 20-minute classes are personalised lessons that allow children to progress at a faster rate with more one-on-one attention than in group sessions.

This approach is the perfect way to give children the extra boost they need to increase their skills and confidence.

Fast Tech Semi lessons apply at all levels and abilities from Goldfish onwards. Your child will be paired with one other child with similar abilities to help create stability and support in their swimming. 

Fast Tech Private

(20 minutes)

Fast Tech Private
An intensive 20-minute private lesson that offers the opportunity to work on exactly what your child needs to focus on - and at their pace.
Fast Tech Private are one-on-one lessons that are fast-moving personalised lessons that allow children to progress at a faster rate in a less busy environment.

This time proves opportunities for our instructors to assess swimmers independently, focus on specific goals through customised lessons, and provide personalised feedback, to suit the swimmers' needs.  Focused attention is given to the swimmers' needs with the goals of accelerating the ongoing development of skill and technique while building their confidence in the water.

Private Coaching

(30 minutes)

Private lessons are often a great way for learners to connect with their skills without the pressure of watchful peers.
Private lessons are an excellent means for rapid upskilling to help learners reach that next class level or competition technique. They can also be a great option for swimmers with special or sensory needs, as well as any attending to any past traumas or injury issues. 

In understanding difficulties and experiences in and around the water,  your child will be in the best possible hands to learn and develop the skills and that lifelong love of being in and around the water.

Because there is no age limit, private lessons are able to offer the opportunity to work on exactly what your child needs to focus on - and at their pace. There are 20 or 30-minute sessions available, offering an intensive dedicated, and specific coaching profile to each swimmer.



Fitness squads are an excellent option for swimmers who are looking to build swimming fitness and progress their endurance to the next level.

As the name suggests, these are fitness based squads without the pressure of competing. They are held in the outdoor pool. The classes focus on building streamline techniques and building endurance. 

Junior Fit is a non-competitive coached group training session for ages 9-12 years 

Swim 45 is a non-competitive coached group training session for 12 years and over.