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Our Facilities

St Peter's Swim School operates out of state-of-the-art aquatic facilities located at the St Peter’s, Cambridge school campus.
Our facilities are renowned for being some of the best in the area, catering to the comfort of swimmers and spectators alike.

Our location is second to none, surrounded by blankets of green, high mountains with beautiful sunrises and spectacular sunsets.

Thanks to our onsite modern chlorine-producing technology, we ensure our water quality is top-notch every time, with low levels of chlorine concentration to avoid stinging eyes, skin irritation, and smelly swimming gear.

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The Perry indoor pool

The Perry pool complex is a warm and welcoming environment for both swimmers and spectators alike with shared and private changing rooms, and after swim rise showers available for swimmer convenience.

Our indoor pool is used primarily for our younger learner swimming lessons. This pool offers a shallower depth to help boost the confidence of less experienced swimmers. This 25 x 50 metre Olympic-sized pool is heated to exactly the right temperature throughout the year to ensure that swimming is a comfortable experience. 

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The Brock outdoor pool

Located outside and built to International Swimming Federation (FINA) standards, the Brock pool boasts dedicated starting platforms on each lane for those competitive starts.

This 25-metre 10-lane pool is used mostly for older learners looking for competitive and squad swim training.  This pool is also heated to ensure year-round swimming comfort, and also offers dedicated spectator seating. Changing rooms are located beside the pool for added convenience.

Outdoor heated swimming pool

Cleaner water with less chlorine

Our modern water sanitising technology produces top levels of water quality for the comfort of our swimmers.
By generating chlorine onsite out of salt, our system can produce chlorine concentrations as low as 1%. This ensures comparatively less chlorine effect on our swimmers' eyes, skin, and swimwear. 

In addition, the water in our indoor pool is treated with UV which allows us to use 50% less chlorine than standard heated swimming pools. 

Baby on float kicking

Dedicated spectator facilities

Our pool facilities are purpose-built for the comfort of swimmers and supporters alike.
Internal and external changing rooms offer enough space for all swimmers to prepare for their lesson/session or rinse off after.  Our dedicated waiting/refreshment room allows space for supporters to watch in comfort, and seating alongside both the Perry and Brock pools offers excellent viewing. As a supporter, visitors are welcome to ask our reception team for access to the guest wifi whilst your child takes their lesson.