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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I book lessons with St Peter's Swim School?

You can book online through our website lessons pages, and our customer portal, or pop in and see one of the wonderful team at reception.


Do I need to bring anything special?
Despite the obvious togs and towel! Every age is a bit different here, so let’s break it down.


All babies are required to use a reusable swim nappy during their lessons. If you have your own, great! We also have some available for purchase here.

For our breastfed or bottle-fed babies, it is usually fine to give a small feed up to an hour before a session. We don't recommend a full feed or solids in the hour before a session. We do advise however that your baby may need an extra feed after the lesson as they will have burnt up lots of energy during the swimming session. 

We ask that our parents wear a t-shirt/rash vest in our baby classes.
Encouraging babies to grip is one of the first water safety skills we teach babies. And this is to grip and hold on to their parent’s t-shirt/rash vest.


If your child is not toilet trained, a reusable swim nappy is required. All swimmers are also required to wear both caps and goggles in their lessons.

5 and above Learn to Swim:

All swimmers are required to wear both caps and goggles in their lessons.


How long do the lessons last?
Our babies, preschool, and lower-level learn-to-swim classes are all 30 minutes in duration.

A few of the higher level learn-to-swim classes are 45 minutes in duration.

Please take a look at our Swimming Lessons page for more information on each lesson level.


Do we swim through the school holidays?

Classes run to the school term (roughly 4 blocks of 10 weeks). We then break for the school holidays at the end of each term.

Swim School at St Peter's runs a separate block course for learn-to-swim levels only during the school holidays which is a great tool to boost your child’s progress in the pool.

Our School Holiday courses are available to book towards the end of each term.

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How do I pay for my lessons?

Payment is made by direct debit on the 1st of each month either from a bank account or credit card. All payments are facilitated through our customer portal when you register an account. 

To cancel your classes, you need to let us know before this date to not be charged for the next month.

Please take the time to read our pricing and policies for more information on billing, or contact our friendly administration team on 07-8279897 if you have any further questions.


What is a makeup token?

If your child can not attend one of their lessons, you must mark them absent through your portal account with at least 2 hours' notice. Once the missed class has passed, you will receive a “make-up token” that can be used to book an alternative class to make up for the one you have missed.

Make-up classes are a bonus and can only be booked 24 hours in advance because the space may be filled for another child who is absent.

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If you have any additional questions to do with Swim School at St Peter's, please feel free to contact our friendly administration team directly.